Place CodeNA554
Place EntryThe Hollies Children's Home/Burnt Oak Lane/Sidcup/London Borough of Bexley/Kent/England
NotesAlso known as Deptford & Greenwich Children's Homes and Lamorbey Children's Homes
Place NameThe Hollies Children's Home
Area1Burnt Oak Lane
Area3London Borough of Bexley

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PCD/1837The Hollies Children's Home, Sidcup
PCD/1832Children's Homes, Sidcup. Schools
PCD/1831Children's Homes, Sidcup
PCD/1824Childrens Homes, Sidcup, The Hollies
PCD/1835Children's Homes, Sidcup. Staff
PCD/1833Lamorbey Residential Schools.
PCD/1830Lamorbey Residential Schools
PCD/1826Halfway St, School Homes
PCD/1827Entrance to Childrens' Homes, Lamorbey, near Sidcup
PCD/1829Children's Homes, Sidcup. Infirmary.
PCD/1825Entrance to Childrens Homes, Lamorbey
PCD/1834The fire at the Deptford & Greenwich Children's Homes, Sidcup
PCD/1836The Hollies Children's Homes, Sidcup
PHSID/23/4The Hollies
PHSID/23/2The Hollies
PHSID/23/5The Hollies
PHSID/23/3The Hollies
PHSID/23/1The Hollies
PCD/1828The Hollies Children's Home, Sidcup
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